• DIY Making knots boards

    If you want to make a sailor knots board (DIY), we are at your disposal to help you in everything you need so that you can complete it and experience the satisfaction of translating your creativity into a beautiful box of knots.

    In this section we have all kinds of material, accesories and articles that we may need to make a knot board, from the rope for the knots to the frame to finish it, etc.

  • Nautical diorama...

    Miniature representations of various nautical elements.

  • Nautical gifts and...

    All kinds of ideas and vintage nautical ornaments to create a marine decoration in your restaurant, office, bedroom at home, or any other room,...

  • Replica weapons for...

    Replication of weapons for decoration, collecting or historical recreations.

    These types of weapons are specifically designed to be used as decorative objects (and thus are considered by the competent authorities), so it is not necessary to have any kind of license or permission to buy, sell or have them in store or at home .

    It is not allowed to carry this type of articles on the street or to point people with them.

    White arms have no sharp edges. Firearms can not fire any type of ammunition, nor can they be modified to be converted into functional weapons.

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