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Nautical decoration

Discover the Nautical Magic in your Space with Our Nautical Decoration

Immerse yourself in the charm of the sea with our exclusive collection of nautical decorations. Whether you're looking to transform your restaurant, office, home bedroom, or any other room, our classic and vintage nautical objects will add a touch of nautical elegance to any space.

Explore Our Nautical Collection

Decoration Inspired by the Sea

Our decoration objects capture the essence of the sea and seafaring life. From model ships to miniature maritime lighthouses, each piece is designed to evoke the beauty and serenity of the ocean.

Classic and Vintage Style

In addition to classic decoration, we offer vintage pieces that tell stories of past sailings. From navigation instruments to nautical signal signs, our collection pays homage to maritime tradition with a touch of nostalgia.

Find your Perfect Nautical Piece

Let yourself be carried away by the sea breeze and find the ideal nautical decoration for your space. Each item will not only beautify your surroundings, but will also transport you to the serenity and beauty of the sea.

Why choose us

  • Quality and Authenticity: Our products are made with high quality materials and careful craftsmanship, guaranteeing durability and beauty.
  • Variety and Originality: From small details to standout pieces, we have everything you need to create a unique and personalized nautical decoration.
  • Customer Service: We are here to help you find the perfect piece that fits your style and space. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Make the Sea Part of Your Daily Life

Transform your space with our nautical decor and celebrate the beauty of the sea in every corner of your home or office. Discover how our nautical objects can make every day feel like a seaside getaway.

Visit our store and find the nautical inspiration you were looking for. Let yourself be seduced by the magic of the ocean with our collection of nautical decorations, where each piece tells a story of adventures and discoveries on the high seas.


  • Keys hangers

    Nautical key hanger

    Style and Functionality for your Home or Office

    Add a touch of seafaring elegance to your home or business with our nautical key hangers. These practical and decorative accessories are ideal for always having frequently used keys at hand, while adding a distinctive style to the entrance of any space. In this category, you will also find nautical key hangers designed as light meter covers or covers for electrical panels, perfect for maintaining order and aesthetics in your environment.

    Nautical Style in your Decoration:

    Our nautical key hangers are not only functional, but they also add a decorative touch that evokes the serenity and adventure of the sea. With designs inspired by the marine world, such as anchors, rudders, and ropes, these key hangers are perfect for lovers of nautical style. Each piece is carefully crafted to match any type of decor, whether in a marine-themed home or in an office looking for a sophisticated and unique detail.

    Functionality and Organization:

    Beyond their visual appeal, nautical key hangers are extremely useful. Keeping your keys organized and within reach has never been so simple and stylish. You will no longer have to desperately search for your keys every morning; With a nautical key hanger, you will always know exactly where they are. In addition, our options with an electricity meter cover or electrical panel cover allow you to hide these essential but often unaesthetic elements, maintaining a clean and tidy appearance.

    Variety of Designs:

    In our collection of nautical key hangers, you will find a wide variety of designs that adapt to different tastes and needs. From classic models with anchors and rudders to more modern and minimalist designs, each key hanger is designed to be both functional and decorative. Some of our most popular models include:

    • Anchor-shaped key hanger: A classic design that symbolizes stability and security.
    • Hanging keys with rudder: Perfect for those who love the feeling of being in control of their own ship.
    • Hang keys with sailor rope: Add a rustic and authentic touch to your decoration.

    Hang keys with decorative caps:

    Our nautical key hangers also include models with covers for electricity meters or electrical panels. These products not only keep your keys organized, but they also help hide those less attractive items in your home or business. With decorative lids inspired by the sea, these key holders are the perfect solution to maintain functionality without sacrificing style.

    Personalization and Perfect Gift:

    Nautical key holders are also an excellent gift option. For special occasions, we can personalize some of our designs with names, dates or messages, making each piece unique and meaningful. Whether as a gift for a sea lover or as a special gift for someone who has just moved, a nautical key holder is a practical and charming gift.

    Discover the beauty and usefulness of nautical key hangers and transform the entrance of your home or business into an organized space full of marine charm.

  • Brass diving helmets...

    Diving helmets

    Miniature Replicas for Unique Nautical Decoration

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of diving with our miniature diving suits! These meticulously designed replicas capture the essence of vintage diving helmets and scuba diving helmets, offering an original and eye-catching way to decorate any space. Whether you want to add a nautical touch to your home, office or business, our diving helmets are the perfect choice to create an environment that evokes adventure and underwater exploration.

    A Look at Diving's Past:

    Diver's diving helmets, also known as diving helmets, have been an essential piece in the history of diving since the 19th century. Originally designed to allow divers to breathe underwater while performing tasks in harsh underwater environments, these diving suits have evolved significantly over time. Our miniature replicas pay homage to these impressive artifacts, capturing their detail and historical charm.

    Stylish Nautical Decoration:

    Miniature diving helmets are more than just decorations; They are pieces that tell a story. Each replica is precisely crafted to reflect the authentic details of the original diving suits. Available in different sizes, these miniatures can be placed on shelves, desks or display cases, adding a touch of mystery and adventure to any room. Perfect for lovers of the sea and history, these diving suits are an ideal complement to a nautical themed decoration.

    Variety of Designs:

    In our collection of diving helmets, you will find a variety of designs that adapt to different tastes and decorative styles. From replicas of the first models of diving suits to more modern and stylized versions, each piece is designed to impress and delight whoever sees it. Some of our most popular models include:

    • Classic diving helmets: Detailed replicas of the first diving helmets, with brass windows and bronze finishes.
    • diving helmets: Designs inspired by modern diving helmets, perfect for a contemporary touch.
    • Custom miniatures: Possibility of adding unique details to make each diving suit even more special.

    Ideal for Gifting:

    Miniature diving helmets are not only great decorative pieces, but also unique and memorable gifts. Surprise your friends and loved ones with a gift that combines history, art and a passion for the sea. Perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or as a thank you gift, these diving suits will surely be appreciated for their originality and beauty.

    Explore our collection of diver's diving helmets and add a touch of history and underwater adventure to your decor. Each piece is a window to the past, a celebration of human ingenuity and a work of art that will enrich any space with its enchanting presence.

  • Desk accesories sets

    Nautical style desk accessories, such as pen holders, magnifying glasses, rulers, letter openers or card holders.

    A decorative nautical style for your office.

    A notary is a set of articles to write.

    Formerly the notaries consisted of: inkwell, pen, sandbox, bell to call and small letter opener.

    In this section you will find writing desks with nautical style with elegant and modern elements.

    You will also find in this category other stationery objects with nautical style such as magnifying glasses, pencil holders, rulers, letter openers or card holders,

  • Portholes and nautical...

    Mirrors are essential elements in any decoration.

    If you want to decorate a room with nautical style, in this section you will find nautical style mirrors.

    Most of them are mirrors in the shape of a ship porthole. Portholes are the typical round windows that ships have, although sometimes they can also be rectangular or other shapes.

    You will also find tiller-shaped mirrors, anchor-shaped mirrors, etc.

    We also have some portholes that can be used as windows for boats, or as windows for houses.

  • Weather stations

    Having a good weather forecast is essential for sailors to have smooth expeditions. For this reason, meteorological stations or their different components are elements that all boats usually have.

    In this section you can buy analog meteorological instruments with nautical style such as thermometers, hygrometers, barometers, clocks, or sets that contain 2 or more of these elements, that is, wooden weather stations for the wall.

    These instruments and weather stations are similar to those used on ships but in this case you can use in the domestic environment for home decoration, office decoration, etc.

  • Brass coastal lighthouses

    Coastal lighthousess are a very important element for boaters to facilitate orientation and smooth navigation.

    In this section you will find miniature replicas of coast lighthouses made of brass, useful for decoration, as trophies, to integrate in models, etc.

    We also have some reproductions of some of the most beatiful and famous maritime lighthouses in the world.

  • Instruments

    To navigate, sailors must observe, measure, and plan the voyage. For this reason, sailors often use instruments that are useful for these tasks.

    In this category you will find vintage replicas of navigation instruments such as: sundials, telegraphs, clinometers, spyglasses, telescopes, etc.

  • Ship wheel tables

    Nautical coffee tables, ship steering wheel tables, low and round side table of sailor style.

    Sailor furniture for your home or office decoration.

  • Wall nautic decor
  • Nautical wall coat racks

    Don't leave your coats anywhere. Better hang it in your entrance or hall with an elegant coat rack decorated in nautical style.

    Nautical and sailor wall coat racks, entrance hall coat hooks.

  • Paperweights

    Nautical Paperweights

    Seafaring Elegance and Functionality for your Desk

    Nautical paperweights are much more than just desk tools; They are pieces of art that reflect the majesty and history of the maritime world. Perfect for any sea lover, these decorative objects not only keep your documents in order, but also add a touch of elegance and nautical style to your workspace or any corner of your home. Our collection of nautical paperweights includes a variety of designs that capture the essence of life at sea, combining functionality with unmatched visual appeal.

    Our Featured Collection:

    • Brass Perpetual Calendar: A piece that not only decorates, but is also extremely useful, allowing you to keep track of time in style.
    • 14cm rudder wheel: A classic nautical symbol that becomes an elegant paperweight.
    • Aluminum card holder with clock 12x6x5cm: Combines the utility of a card holder with the functionality of a watch.
    • Rudder and compass paperweight made of wood and brass 16x10cm: A classic representation of navigation instruments.
    • 4x3cm brass pipe: A small nautical detail that adds character to your desk.
    • Propeller Paperweight 11x11x12cm: Inspired by marine propulsion, perfect for naval engineering enthusiasts.
    • Brass bream fish on wooden base, 6cm: A touch of marine life for your space.
    • Brass Shackle Ashtray 65x45cm: A functional accessory with a distinctive nautical design.
    • Brass Dolphin Paperweight 17cm: A tribute to one of the most emblematic animals of the ocean.
    • Polished brass tiller magnifying glass 13cm: Combines the utility of a magnifying glass with the classic design of a rudder.
    • 13cm polished brass tiller compass: Perfect for navigation lovers.
    • Peral submarine on 14x7cm base: A tribute to the first electric-powered submarine.
    • Brass porthole clock paperweight in various sizes: A range of elegant porthole clocks that add a touch of nautical sophistication.

    The History and Charm of Nautical Paperweights

    The nautical paperweights not only serve a practical function; each piece tells a story. Since ancient times, sailors have used nautical tools and symbols to navigate and explore the oceans. These paperweights capture that rich maritime heritage, bringing to life the iconic elements of navigation such as rudders, anchors and compasses.

    A Touch of the Sea on Your Desk

    Adding a nautical paperweight to your workspace not only organizes your documents, but also transforms your desk into a small tribute to the ocean. Whether you prefer the sturdiness of a brass anchor, the precision of a compass or the simplicity of a propeller, our pieces are designed to enchant and last.

    Perfect for Gifting

    Nautical paperweights are ideal gifts for any occasion. Whether for a colleague, friend or loved one who loves the sea, these paperweights stand out as unique and meaningful presents. Each piece can be personalized to commemorate special events, such as promotions, retirements or personal achievements.

    Quality and Craftsmanship

    Our nautical paperweights are made from high-quality materials such as polished brass and wood, ensuring that each piece is not only beautiful but also durable. Attention to detail in design and manufacturing ensures that each paperweight is a work of art that can be appreciated and admired for years.

    Explore our collection of nautical paperweights and bring the essence of the sea to your desk. Each piece is a perfect fusion of functionality and beauty, designed to inspire and organize. With our elegant model boats and nautical accessories, transform your space into a tribute to sailing and maritime adventure.

  • Sextants


    The Essence of Classic Navigation in your Home

    The sextants are emblematic tools of maritime navigation, fundamental for orientation and calculating courses. Historically used by navigators and explorers to determine observed latitude, sextants have been essential in the era of great discoveries. Today, sextants have been transformed into decorative pieces that add a touch of elegance and nautical authenticity to any space.

    Decorative Replicas of Sextants

    In our collection, you will find decorative replicas of sextants that capture the precision and detail of the original instruments. These replicas are not only visually stunning, but also feature a high level of detail and craftsmanship, making each piece a tribute to traditional sailing.

    The Historical Importance of Sextants

    Sextants have been used since the 18th century to measure the angle between a celestial object and the horizon, allowing navigators to calculate their position at sea. This instrument revolutionized navigation, facilitating transoceanic travel and global exploration. Having a sextant in your home is not only a statement of good taste, but also a tribute to the history of navigation.

    Stylish Nautical Decoration

    Adding a sextant to your nautical decor is a wonderful way to infuse your spaces with the essence of the sea and adventure. Place a sextant on a shelf, on your desk, or in a display case to create a focal point that attracts attention and sparks curiosity. These pieces are perfect for offices, studies and living rooms, adding a touch of maritime sophistication.

    Perfect Gifts for Nautical Lovers

    Sextants also make exceptional gifts for those who have a passion for the sea and sailing. Whether for a sailor, an amateur sailor, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty and history of nautical instruments, a sextant is a unique and meaningful gift. Personalize your gift with a commemorative plaque or a special message to make it even more memorable.

    Quality and Craftsmanship

    Our sextant replicas are made with high-quality materials, such as brass and wood, ensuring that each piece is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable. The attention to detail in the design and construction of each sextant ensures that you will receive a piece that you can cherish and display with pride.

    Explore Our Sextant Collection

    Visit our online store to discover the wide variety of sextants we have available. Each piece in our collection is selected for its quality and authenticity, offering a range of options to suit different tastes and decorating styles. From replicas of classic sextants to more modern and stylized versions, you will find the perfect complement for your home or as a gift.

    Sextants are not just historical navigational tools; They are symbols of adventure, precision and beauty of nautical art. Add a sextant to your collection and let the magic of classic navigation transform your space.

  • Bookends

    Nautical Bookends

    Style and Functionality for your Library

    Nautical bookends are the perfect solution to keep your books organized in style and add a maritime touch to any space. With our selection of original nautical style bookends, you will not only solve the problem of your books falling over, but you will also transform your bookshelf into a decorative focal point.

    Authentic Nautical Style

    Our bookends are inspired by classic nautical elements such as anchors, rudders, and other iconic maritime symbols. Made from high quality materials such as wood, metal or resin, each bookend is designed to capture the essence of the sea and sailing. These designs are not only functional, but also a style statement for any sea lover.

    Practical Solution for Organization

    Books deserve to be displayed elegantly and our bookends not only keep them in place, but also add a distinctive touch to your library, living room, or office. Whether you prefer a classic, understated design or something bolder and more themed, our collection offers options to suit all tastes and decors.

    Memorable and Functional Gifts

    In addition to being an essential addition to your home, nautical bookends are ideal gifts for any occasion. Surprise friends, family or colleagues with a detail that combines functionality and style. Personalize your gift with a commemorative plaque or a special message to make it even more meaningful.

    Durability and Art

    Each of our bookends is designed to last, using durable materials and high-quality manufacturing techniques. The attention to detail in each design ensures that you not only have a functional product, but also a piece of art that you can appreciate for years.

    Explore Our Collection

    Visit our online store to discover our wide range of nautical bookends. From classic models to more modern and creative designs, you will find the perfect complement for your decoration. Make your library a reflection of your passion for the sea with our bookends that stand out for their beauty and usefulness.

    With nautical bookends, you will not only keep your books in order, but also add a touch of maritime charm to your daily life. Transform your space with the elegance and functionality that only our bookends can offer.

  • Ship models

    Ship Models

    Nautical Elegance for your Home

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of sailing with our elegant Ship models. Perfect for interior decoration, these models capture the majesty and charm of classic or vintage sailboats and ships, offering a touch of history and sophistication to any space. From historic caravels to iconic sailboats, our ship models are exceptional pieces that will delight lovers of the sea and sailing.

    Discover Our Collection:

    Our selection of ship models includes a wide variety of detailed and meticulously crafted models. Here we present some outstanding examples from our collection:

    • Display case with 8 old brass sailboats: A stunning set of eight sailboats, each with a unique design, displayed in an elegant display case.
    • Brass porthole Ø13cm with golden brass sailboat: A beautiful combination of a classic porthole and a golden sailboat, ideal for adding a nautical touch to any room.
    • Brass Santa María caravel in display case: A detailed replica of the famous caravel, presented in a display case that enhances its historical beauty.
    • Golden Brass "Cutty Sark" Sailboat: Capture the elegance of the legendary clipper with this brilliant gold model.
    • "Peral" submarine on base with chains: A tribute to the first electric-powered submarine, available in various sizes.

    A Look to the Past:

    The ship models are not just decorative pieces; They are windows into the rich history of navigation. Each model tells a story, from the Caravel Santa María that took Christopher Columbus to the New World, to the HMS Bounty known for its famous mutiny. These meticulously crafted replicas celebrate the engineering and naval design that has challenged the oceans for centuries.

    Elegance and Quality:

    Our ship models are made with high quality materials such as polished, gold, silver and antique brass, ensuring that each piece is as durable as it is beautiful. Whether you are looking for a sailboat to adorn your living room, a caravel for your office, or a submarine for your personal collection, our models offer a perfect combination of artistry and precision.

    Perfect for Gifting:

    The ship models are exceptional gifts for any occasion. Surprise your friends, family or colleagues with a piece that reflects your passion for the sea. Each model can become a memorable gift for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, retirements or special achievements.

    A Touch of History in Every Space:

    Adding one of our ship models to your home or office not only enhances the decor, but also instills a sense of adventure and exploration. These miniature ships, from the majestic "Sovereing of the Seas" to the historic "Mayflower," are perfect for creating an environment inspired by sailing and maritime history.

    Explore our collection of ship models and bring home a piece of maritime history. Each model is a work of art that celebrates the greatness of sailing and adds a touch of elegance to your decor. Discover the beauty and precision of our ship models and let the adventure begin in your own space.

  • Nautical complements...

    Original nautical gifts such as:

    • sailor keychains
    • nautical pins
    • tie clips for sailors
    • gifts for skippers or yacht captains
  • Miscellany

    Nautical Miscellaneous

    Discover Unique Objects for your Decoration

    In our collection of miscellaneous, nautical miscellany, you will find a variety of decorative objects that capture the essence of the sea and sailing. These unique items are ideal for those looking to add a distinctive, maritime touch to their home or office. Explore our selection and find the perfect detail to complement your style.

    Unique Decorative Objects

    From miniature naval cannons to authentic nautical bells, our miscellany offers a wide range of decorative pieces that are both functional and decorative. Each item is carefully selected to reflect the craftsmanship and history of sailing, making them charming focal points for any space.

    Details that Make the Difference

    Nautical ashtrays and themed ceiling lights are elements that not only add style, but also personality to your environments. These unconventional details allow us to create unique atmospheres that speak of adventure, history and passion for the sea. Perfect for collections or as memorable gifts for friends and family.

    Quality and Authenticity

    Each piece of our nautical miscellany is made with high quality materials and attention to detail. From accurate replicas to authentic items, we guarantee that each object meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. Enjoy the authenticity and beauty that only nautical objects can offer.

    Find your Favorite Piece

    Explore our online store and discover the diversity of our nautical miscellany. Whether you're looking for decorations for your living room, items for a personal collection, or simply want to add a maritime touch to your daily life, you'll find options to suit your tastes and needs.

    Personalization and Special Gifts

    Many of our nautical miscellaneous products can be personalized with engravings or commemorative plaques, making them unique and meaningful gifts. Celebrate special moments or recognize someone special's love for the sea with a detail that will last over time.

    Discover the magic of the sea with our nautical miscellany. Each piece tells a story and adds a touch of maritime charm to any space. Let yourself be carried away by the beauty and functionality of our decorative objects that capture the essence of sailing and adventure.

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