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Nautical gifts and decoration

All kinds of ideas and vintage nautical ornaments to create a marine decoration in your restaurant, office, bedroom at home, or any other room,...


  • Keys hangers

    Nautical key hangers to create a decorative atmosphere for the useful object to store frequently used keys.

    Vintage and customizable wall rack cabinet

  • Brass diving helmets...

    Miniature replicas of different sizes of brass antique or classic diving helmets ideal for creating an original atmosphere using these objects as part of the nautical decoration.

    US navy Mark V diving helmet replica. Wall brass classic diver diving helmet replica for sale.

    In classic diving suits, a breathing gas is supplied to the diver from a team on the surface using an umbilical tube. The complete equipment consists of a helmet, a rubber suit and rubber boots weighted with lead to walk on the seabed.

    The diving suits are one of the inventions that have allowed humanity to advance more in the knowledge of the underwater environment and that have managed to solve tasks or discover mysteries that would have been unattainable otherwise.

  • Desk accesories sets

    Nautical style desk accessories, such as pen holders, magnifying glasses, rulers, letter openers or card holders.

    A decorative nautical style for your office.

    A notary is a set of articles to write.

    Formerly the notaries consisted of: inkwell, pen, sandbox, bell to call and small letter opener.

    In this section you will find writing desks with nautical style with elegant and modern elements.

    You will also find in this category other stationery objects with nautical style such as magnifying glasses, pencil holders, rulers, letter openers or card holders,

  • Portholes and nautical...

    Mirrors are essential elements in any decoration.

    If you want to decorate a room with nautical style, in this section you will find nautical style mirrors.

    Most of them are mirrors in the shape of a ship porthole. Portholes are the typical round windows that ships have, although sometimes they can also be rectangular or other shapes.

    You will also find tiller-shaped mirrors, anchor-shaped mirrors, etc.

    We also have some portholes that can be used as windows for boats, or as windows for houses.

  • Weather stations

    Having a good weather forecast is essential for sailors to have smooth expeditions. For this reason, meteorological stations or their different components are elements that all boats usually have.

    In this section you can buy analog meteorological instruments with nautical style such as thermometers, hygrometers, barometers, clocks, or sets that contain 2 or more of these elements, that is, wooden weather stations for the wall.

    These instruments and weather stations are similar to those used on ships but in this case you can use in the domestic environment for home decoration, office decoration, etc.

  • Brass coastal lighthouses

    Coastal lighthousess are a very important element for boaters to facilitate orientation and smooth navigation.

    In this section you will find miniature replicas of coast lighthouses made of brass, useful for decoration, as trophies, to integrate in models, etc.

    We also have some reproductions of some of the most beatiful and famous maritime lighthouses in the world.

  • Instruments

    To navigate, sailors must observe, measure, and plan the voyage. For this reason, sailors often use instruments that are useful for these tasks.

    In this category you will find vintage replicas of navigation instruments such as: sundials, telegraphs, clinometers, spyglasses, telescopes, etc.

  • Ship wheel tables

    Nautical coffee tables, ship steering wheel tables, low and round side table of sailor style.

    Sailor furniture for your home or office decoration.

  • Wall nautic decor
  • Nautical wall coat racks

    Don't leave your coats anywhere. Better hang it in your entrance or hall with an elegant coat rack decorated in nautical style.

    Nautical and sailor wall coat racks, entrance hall coat hooks.

  • Paperweights

    Small nautical desk objects and figures that can be used as paperweights. Original office paperweights and nautical-style figurines.

    Original and customized paper weights, antique or vintage paperweights for office with nautical decoration.

  • Sextants

    Replicas of marine boat brass sextant for decoration.

    Remember the antique history of celestial navigation with this marine tool.

    Sextants are one of the basic orientation and course calculation tools, since they allow them to calculate the latitude of the observer.

    In this category you can find decorative replicas of sextants that you can use to create a nautical atmosphere in the decoration of your spaces. It can also be interesting to give to nautical and sailing lovers.

  • Bookends

    Books are not very stable and if you do not hold them in some way they will always fall. Therefore, the best way to maintain good organization on your bookshelf is to use good bookends.

    In this category you will find original nautical themes bookends with which to create a nautical atmosphere while solving the problem of books falling out.

  • Ship and boat models

    Elegant models of classic or vintage sailboats and boats for interior decoration.

  • Nautical complements...

    Original nautical gifts such as:

    • sailor keychains
    • nautical pins
    • tie clips for sailors
    • gifts for skippers or yacht captains
  • Nautical decoration

    Nautical and marine decoration. Create an elegant atmosphere with nautical decoration objects such as sailor figures, nautical photo frames, pirate trunks, ...

  • Miscellany

    Nautical objects such as:

    • naval cannons
    • nautical bells
    • nautical ashtrays
    • nautical panels
    • etc.

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