Shipping charges are not included in the item prices.

Customers can choose to collect their orders personally in our warehouses, they can order their own transport agency for pick them up or they can request the shipment by an agency chosen by Arte-Mar, in which case, the shipping costs will be calculated and detailed in the order according to the destination, the number of packages, and weight and measurements of packages.

All other expenses, taxes, royalties, customs, etc., will be borne by the customer who will be responsible for managing them and paying them.


We do not guarantee service and delivery in 24 hours because we always check the status of the items before sending them. This operation assumes that we need some time to serve the orders. This time depends on the volume of the order.

The delivery times are orientative and Arte-Mar strives to respect them, however, when dealing with the sending of a service offered by third parties, its delay does not imply the cancellation of the order or any compensation.


In case of damage in the goods is appreciated upon receipt of the package, the Recipient must manifest his reservation in a reliable manner at the same time of delivery, stating his reservations in the delivery note, bill of lading or PDA (Tablet) of the carrier. The recipient must write "WITH DAMAGE" on the delivery receipt. If the delivery receipt appears as delivered without any notice of nonconformity, your claim for apparent damages can not be satisfactorily addressed.

Once the goods have been received, they should be unpacked immediately and check that the merchandise is in good condition. In case that when unpacking the merchandise finds damages that would not have been appreciated in the presence of the carrier, recipient user has 24 hours from the delivery to start the claim for non apparent damages.

In any case, if the user decides to claim, Recipient must keep the merchandise, packaging and labels available to the inspecion. The Merchandise must be available for inspection in the state in which it was delivered, and in the address in which it was delivered. If the item has been tampered with, repaired or if the packaging has not been preserved, the claim will be rejected.

In case of delay, written reservations must be formulated within twenty-one (21) days from the date of delivery of the Submission to the Recipient.

No claim made after of deadlines will be accepted or when the obligations that this contract imposes on it have not been fulfilled previously by the Sender.

In case of total loss, the claim will only begin to be processed once the Transport Agency has made an intense search in its stores and has cataloged the Merchandise as "loss". This process of search and declaration of loss by the transport company usually lasts up to a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date scheduled for delivery.

In order to process any claim file, the User must follow the Communication Channels and always from the mail account that was entered as ordering order.

In relation to other damages or losses unrelated to the transport service, no claims will be accepted after 48 hours from the date of receipt of the order.