The knots and their applications


The knots in general have multiple applications as is the case of the different knots used by fishermen to join a line to a hook.

The hanging knot, with loop and seven loops and the American loop are the most seen knots in the cinema, if we discount the knot of the tie, although the knot most used worldwide would be that of the shoes.

Some of the questions that are usually asked to sailors or people experienced in knotting is the amount of knots they know how to do or how many knots there are.

The first question has an easy answer because those who usually knot can say more or less the knots they know how to do.

As for the second question, if we take as a reference the book The Ashley BooK of Knots by Clifford W. Ashley published in New York in 1944 and in Great Britain in 1947, it would give us the number of 3.854 Sailor knots and other work of the so-called of course, which are likewise derived from the knots.

In other Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Cuban books, etc., a great number of knots appear, although with different tendencies, according to the criteria of their authors. In some cases, the traditional knots that are currently being used are didactic, as well as the new gauze and seams that are used today in the halyards and braids of the modern cabuyers made with synthetic fibers.

In other books, the main knots are combined with a series of entertainment games, among which are the escape games for magician beginners.

Much of the information that we provide below has been provided by Francisco Rebollo or extracted from publications, to which we greatly appreciate your collaboration and friendship.
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