Knots today


Currently, due to the technical-maritime advances, the marine knots have been relegated to a few applications.

Despite this, the crews of the school ships of all the navies of the world remain faithful to their ancestors and practice the marine knots.

Likewise they strive in the perfect execution of the different works of travel that they carry out on board, taking care with the purest marine style, the perfect starting of all the maneuver of the ship and its aesthetic aspect.

In any corner of the world, on board a ship, or in a dock or warehouse near it, the sailors have practiced the knots since always, have elaborated or patched nets, have made gazas seams in capes and other marine works with skill and speed.

In Spain, around the year 1960, the recovery of the marine knots began, giving rise to a type of marine craft very decorative and functional and at the same time didactic, being its maximum exponent, the boxes of marine knots.

Much of the information that we provide below has been provided by Francisco Rebollo or extracted from publications, to which we greatly appreciate your collaboration and friendship.

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