Knots and fibers


Among the knots, in addition to the sailors that are the most numerous, are those used by mountaineers, farmers, ranchers and surgeons.

For hundreds of years and until the implantation of synthetic fibers, the cabuyeras have always been made with vegetable fibers. Among these, is the abaca or manila of great quality for its strength and the length of its filaments, hemp, sisal, jute, cotton, pita, heniquen, coconut, palm, linen, esparto and others.

Among the synthetic fibers, there are nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, draconian, terilene, orlon and others.

Likewise, in the past, animal-made cabuyles have been used.

Vegetable fibers:

  •  Abaca
  •  Sisal
  •  Hemp
  •  Orlon
  •  Jute
  •  Cotton

Synthetic fibers

  •  Nylon
  •  Polypropylene

Much of the information that we provide below has been provided by Francisco Rebollo or extracted from publications, to which we greatly appreciate your collaboration and friendship.

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