Instrument instructions




This clinometer has a protection system to guarantee the safety of the instrument during transport.

Through the hole in the center of the plate (at the back of the instrument) you can see a recessed cross-head screw (Philips).


Slowly turn the screw counterclockwise (counterclockwise) with a small screwdriver with a Philips head until the clinometer indicator starts working.


Do not fully unscrew the screw to prevent it from falling.


  1. The barometer measures the atmospheric pressure in kPa / inch Hg or hPa / mm Hg.
  2. To adjust the barometer correctly, check the current atmospheric pressure in your area of ​​residence.
  3. You can get the data about the current atmospheric pressure of your area in the local time service, by phone, Internet or through your town hall.
  4. Do not adjust the barometer indicator outside of the graduation or adjust it too quickly.
  5. Carefully turn the adjusting screw with a small screwdriver until the accent value matches the current atmospheric pressure. For a more precise adjustment you can tap the glass of the barometer after the adjustment has been made.
  6. To avoid damage to the interior parts, please avoid moving the indicator too far or too fast.
  7. It is recommended to adjust the screw in steps.

    (Please pay special attention to points 5 and 6)