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Since 1991 specialized in nautical decoration.

For 30 years we have maintained our commitment to decorative items, always taking care of quality and trying to maintain competitive and adjusted prices.

Arte-Mar is an Artisan Company, located in the southeast of Spain, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the bimillennial city of Cartagena, Province of Murcia; recognized by the General Direction of Crafts of Murcia, dedicated to the artisan manufacture of Sailor Knot Frames and Decoration Items for Nautical Environments.

The firm Arte-Mar has an excellent, varied and luxurious craftmanship of its own in sailor knots, with a superb quality, the best materials and miniatures, as well as a careful presentation in its final finish; all this means that we are probably one of the best companies in the sector, which allows our articles to have great acceptance in the market, both nationally and internationally, which is endorsed by a wide portfolio of distinguished clients. Currently our domestic and foreign customers are very happy with the design and finishing of our production.

Arte-Mar has managed to combine craftsmanship and decoration by manufacturing more than 500 articles capable of being used in their homes, offices, recreation areas, etc.

In this web you will find from a small keychain to an auxiliary table, passing through so many and many sailor motifs that it will be difficult not to find the one you were looking for.

Arte-Mar invites you to visit each and every pages of the catalog and look for that gift you wish.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Flexibility and personalized attention
  • Working together with the client to achieve the best relationship and productive synergies.

Our team


Our main value are the people who make Arte-Mar.

The greatness that may have Arte-Mar is due to the great value of the people who make up this company. Our team is characterized by having a clear orientation to the customer as the center and objective of the company, as well as having great initiative, training and specific methodologies to achieve the highest satisfaction of customers.

Algunos de nuestros clientes


Fundación Nao Victoria

Armada Española

Apartamentos túrísticos Mediterráneo

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Very beautiful product. Quickly shipped. Thank you.


Product customization looks like as we wished.


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