Masonic sword letter opener (25cm)

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Freemasonry is an institution of an initiatory, philanthropic, symbolic, philosophical, discreet, harmonious, selective, hierarchical, international, humanist nature and with a federal structure, founded on a feeling of fraternity. He claims to aim at the search for truth, the philosophical study of human behavior, science and arts and the promotion of social and moral development of the human being, orienting him towards his personal evolution, in addition to social progress, and exemplifies his teachings with traditional symbols and allegories taken from masonry or, more specifically, from the Royal Art of Construction, that is, from the builders of medieval cathedrals.
Appeared in Europe between the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, modern or - speculative - freemasonry has often been described as - a peculiar moral system, under the veil of allegories and taught by symbols. It presents itself as a training tool, with a particular method that, based on the symbolism of construction, allows its members to develop their capacity for listening, reflection and dialogue, to transmit these values ​​to their environment.
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