Miniature of rifle AK-47
  • Miniature of rifle AK-47

Miniature of rifle AK-47 (31cm)

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Miniature reproduction of AK-47 rifle.
The AK-47 rifle, acronym for Automat Kalashnikova model 1947, was designed in 1942 by Mikhail Kalashnikov, a Russian fighter during World War II. The peculiarity of this rifle is its cartridge refill system, which uses the force of combustion gases produced by firing to facilitate the placement of a new cartridge in the chamber of the weapon and eject the already used bushing. In addition, its curved magazine, which gives it greater capacity in a smaller space, is also a distinctive sign.
Become the official rifle of the USSR between 1947 and 1978, it is currently the most used firearm in the world. In 1949 the Red Army adopted it as the main weapon of the infantry, replacing the PPSh-41 submachine gun, although it was not until 1954 when it entered large-scale service. It was subsequently chosen by the countries of the Eastern bloc in the Warsaw Pact as a regulatory weapon for their armies during the Cold War.
Enjoy the iconic replica of the AK-47 Soviet assault rifle and relive Red Army episodes!

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