• Suggestion nautical product

    Suggestion nautical product

    Figurehead miniature of brass

  • Suggestion "Making knots boards"

    Suggestion "Making knots boards"

    Ropes for knots in skeins of 10 meters

  • Suggestion Samurai

    Suggestion Samurai

    Collection of Samurai sword and dagger

Satisfaction products

During the process of designing and manufacturing our products, we always take into account the experience and satisfaction of the final customer.

Adapting to new techniques, maintaining good values

We are in continuous adaptation to incorporate the new and better techniques of production, distribution, marketing, ... without forgetting our main values of good quality of products and attentive customer service.

In time service and proven quality.

We do not guarantee service and delivery in 24 hours because we always check the status of the items before sending them. Performing this operation assumes that we need some time to serve the orders. This time depends on order volume.

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