The use of knots


For centuries, knots have been used to tie up trunks of trees afloat, in navigation on the first rowing boats and in Phoenician, Norman Arabic or Asian sailings.

The knots have since become a fundamental and irreplaceable part in all the marine tasks on board the ships or on land, from the sewing of a sail, the weaving of a net by hand using the knot weaver, in the rigging of a sailing boat where there are many knots, gauzes, seams and braids and other works of travel or varieties derived from the knots with the corresponding finishing bands.

The knots have always been used in all countries of the world, mainly in the maritime ones.

It is true that nowadays and in practice the knots have been reduced to a few applications.

Much of the information that we provide below has been provided by Francisco Rebollo or extracted from publications, to which we greatly appreciate your collaboration and friendship.
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