Today we want to know and give tribute to an artist who makes his own sailors knots boards. It is about Juan Arias, a resident of Catalonia.

Here are some photos of his knots boards and a short interview.

Where did you learn to tie knots?

During military service. Almost all colleagues learned several knot.

Knot board

Do you have a favorite knot?

The Boatswain knot.

Since when do you make knots boards?

Since I did my military service.

Knot board

What is the fate of the knots boards you make? Do you make them for yourself, to give as gifts, to attend to orders?

The knots boards that I have mounted have been for decoration, mostly for me and some to give as gifts, but I don't attend orders because I don't have time.

Do you have special affection for some knots board?

My favorite knot board is the one I made about thirty years ago and that my family still has. I did it with leather thread.


And so the interview and photo selection ends. I hope that, as a reader interested in these sailor knot craft topics, you have enjoyed it as much as I did.

We encourage you to discover how much can be learned by practicing making your knot chart.

Don't be overwhelmed by the size of these works of art. The great artists and experts also had a beginning in which they did not know anything, but learning little by little they achieve mastery.

If making a knot square as majestic as this one seems like too much work for your abilities, you can practice trying to make a smaller square, such as the following:

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