The knots in history


From ancient times to the present day, although of different forms or applications, knots have always been used by man.

If we wanted to take a tour of history we would have plenty of examples to demonstrate this reality.

In ancient times it could be a tree trunk tied to a tree on the edge of a river, which might serve to build a canoe, or a prisoner belonging to an enemy tribe tied to a tree, or a braided palm tree or another vegetable fiber used as elemental dress of the ancient settlers of the earth.

After the time could be a hanging knot to execute a condemned and so up to a simple tie knot or the knot of shoes, not counting the hundreds of sailor knots, those used by climbers, farmers, farmers etc.

Throughout history knots have been recorded many times.

The knot lasca - in the form of eight - is known internationally as a knot of love and friendship. It is also known as a Savoy knot because it is on the coat of arms of this house.

The knots have been known and practiced in all civilizations of the world and are still used today.

In other times and in some countries the knot came to have religious symbology. It has even been the subject of some historical episode that we can read today in encyclopedias.

This information has been facilitated by Francisco Rebollo or extracted from his publications (, to which we greatly appreciate his collaboration and friendship.
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