Interesting infographics on reeds and rudders


Nowadays there are localization mechanisms (gps, ...) navigation (electronic readers of nautical charts, ...), piloting (electronic systems of course, ...), but all these advances have not appeared. overnight, if not that they have been achieved after many years of navigation by many sailors and the effort of these to increase control of their ships.

That's why someone reminds us how some of those advances started. And in this case we can thank the work of the Facebook page The ships of the Mediterranean ( BarcosEnElMediterraneo) since they often give us notes of history in which they teach us the different types of boats that sail our seas or small technical notes of how the different mechanisms of evolution evolved the boats.

In this case, we will tell you, Mediterranean ships inform us about the beginning of the rudder and the rods of the ships and how it evolved from a system to the other. To see the information on this subject, do not forget to visit their website on Facebook:

I wish you enjoy reading.

rudder wheel

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