The name of the knots


All knots, loops, seams, pineapples, pallets, braids, laces, chains, chains, cajeta etc. They have their own name and in some cases more than one.

So using the sailor vocabulary we can say, this margarita is very well made, or that scapegoat is not well finished, let's shorten this strobe with a wolf's mouth.

In life on board ships, the knots have their practical application, and their names sound naturally among sailors, but it must be recognized, that the profane in this matter, could not hide their smile when hearing some names of knots like, pig's ass, choke, group of hawser, dead chest, bite back, etc.

Of course there are other names that "sound" better, such as the plain knot, the fisherman, midshipman, San Francisco and others.

In any case, the marine knots according to their use, are classified into groups. Thus we have the top knots, such as the half knot, the lasca, San Francisco and others, and the knots sliding between them the knot of bow, the hangman, the tie knot and others.

Much of the information that we provide below has been provided by Francisco Rebollo or extracted from publications, to which we greatly appreciate your collaboration and friendship.

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