Sword of Hercules
  • Sword of Hercules

Sword of Hercules

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Replicas of weapons for decoration, collecting, historical recreation,..

Color: Brass
With or without scabbard: With scabbard

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Hercules is the most famous of the Greek heroes, the paradigm of virility and the champion of the Olympic order against the chthonic monsters. His extraordinary strength is the main attribute, but so are courage, pride, a certain candor and a formidable sexual vigor. He is considered the ancestor of the Kings of Sparta (in this way these Dorian leaders were legitimized as Achaeans) and the influence of this polis in Archaic and Classical Greece was one of the reasons for the dissemination of his legend and his cult, making of Heracles the Dorian hero par excellence.
Mythological stories about him abound, and the most famous are the twelve works.

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